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Student Credit Cards

Are you a student trying to establish a credit card history? There are several options available such as a Student credit card. A student credit card is great for high-school or college students with their limited or no credit history. These types of credit cards help students establish a good credit score. For information on the do's and don'ts of building credit refer to this article: Improving Credit Score. Student credit cards often come with higher interest rates then other types of credit cards.

Company Features Interest Rate Intro Rate Credit Limit Grace Period Annual Fee



Discover Card Interest Rate: 13.99% to 20.99% based on your creditworthiness

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*** These cards are options for people who want to improve their credit score or establish a credit history. They should not be used to incur more debt. There are ways of changing your spending habits to avoid incurring more debt and 10 causes of bankruptcy from credit card debt you should avoid. For information on help with managing credit card debt read this article: Managing Credit Card Debt.