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Prepaid Credit Cards

Have bad credit and want a credit card? There are several options available such as a prepaid credit card. A prepaid credit card functions like a gift card in many respects. The amount you can spend is determined by how much you've loaded the prepaid credit card with. Prepaid credit cards can be used anywhere that Visa, Mastercard, or American Express is accepted depending the service a particular prepaid credit card associates with. Not all aspects are like a gift card, prepaid credit cards can come with a small monthly fee. Prepaid credit cards also allow you to reload the credit card with more cash. Learn about the difference between a secured card versus an unsecured card, debit card or prepaid credit card. If a prepaid credit card sounds like something for you here is a nice comparison list to help make your decision easier!

Company Features Initial Start Up Fees ATM Balance Inquiry** ATM Withdrawal Fees** Monthly Fee



Visa Prepaid RushCard

RushCard customers reported on average they saved $396 per year with RushCard's online interactive Money Management features. RushCard members save on average another $312 per year when no longer forced to visit expensive check cashing stores to get access to their paychecks, buy money orders or wire money to pay their bills. Monthly - $3.00
Pay as you go - $19.95
$0.50 Monthly - $2.50
Pay as you go - $1.95
Monthly - $9.95
Pay as you go - N/A
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Silver Prepaid MasterCard card

Features: Guaranteed Approval (only valid ID required, NO credit check) Free direct deposit of your pay or government check FREE account alerts via eMail, SMS or Text Messages Millions of ATM locations world wide Free unlimited purchase transactions anywhere where MasterCard Debit card is accepted No overdraft fees or minimum balances Online Checking - Electronic or paper checks $9.95 $0.95 $1.95 $3.95
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Vision Premier Prepaid Visa

Features: No credit check, no debt, no interest, no overdraft fees Free unlimited purchases – signature and PIN Free customer service Free Direct Deposit: Get paychecks, benefits and tax refunds faster Free PayFit Credit Builder – Pay bills and build credit for free Free text and email alerts and online access to track spending Safer than cash if lost or stolen Accepted everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted $9.95 $0.50 $1.95 Direct Deposit - $6.95
No Direct Deposit - $11.95
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Account Now® Prepaid Master Card® Card

Account Now Prepaid Master Card® Card is a pre-paid card that can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. 100% guaranteed approval* Free Online Bill Pay Free credit builder when you use Online Bill Pay $25 Bonus when you set up for Direct Deposit This is a debit-card, not a credit card *See Card Terms and Conditions $9.95 $1.00 $2.50 $0, if you load $3000 or more on your card in a month; $9.95 otherwise.
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**ATM Owners may charge an additional fee.

*** These prepaid credit cards serve as options for people who want to improve their credit score or establish a credit history. There are ways of changing your spending habits to avoid incurring more credit card debt. Learn and avoid the 10 causes of bankruptcy from credit card debt. For information on help with managing credit card debt read these articles: Managing Credit Card Debt.

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