Apply here for various types of credit cards, such as Prepaid credit cards, Subprime credit cards, Student credit cards, and Secured credit cards.
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Editor's Choice of the Best Credit Cards
For People With Bad Credit Or No Credit

Do you have bad credit? Here is a selection of various kinds of credit cards that the editor believes will help you in improving your credit score, establishing credit, rebuild credit or just gain the convieniences of a credit card. Learn about the difference between a secured card versus an unsecured card, debit card or prepaid credit card. The credit cards offered here include: Secured Credit Cards, Student Cards, Subprime Credit Cards, and Prepaid Credit Cards. For a more comprehensive list of individual types of credit cards please use the navigation links above.

Company Interest Rate Minimum & Maximum Deposit Intro Rate Credit Limit Grace Period Annual Fee

Capital Bank

Open Sky Secured Visa® Credit Card

APR+ 14.25%(prime + 11%) for both Purchases and Cash Advances Minimum: $200
Maximum: $3000
None Based on the amount of Deposit Funds 25 days $50
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Student Mix Tape Card

Discover Card Interest Rate: 13.99% to 20.99% based on your creditworthiness

12.99% to 18.99% based on your creditworthiness 0% for 9 months Based on Credit Worthiness 25 days None
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RushCard Prepaid Visa®

RushCard Prepaid Visa®

N/A Prepaid Card N/A Prepaid Card Determined by Amount loaded on card N/A Prepaid Card Monthly - $9.95 Pay as you go - N/A
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*** These credit card options for people who want to improve their credit score or establish a good credit score. They should not be used to incur more credit card debt. There are ways of changing your spending habits to avoid incurring more credit card debt and 10 causes of bankruptcy from credit card debt you should avoid. For information on help with managing credit card debt read this article: Managing Credit Card Debt.

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